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Everything Old...

Learned a few days ago that PSoft Mobile released a third iteration of their classic Zenbrush application. This is my first go with it, kind of calling back to one of the earliest pieces I made using it.
My overall impression is mildly underwhelmed. I mean, it's perfectly adequate, but the added features all feel like afterthoughts, namely how the brushes interact with some of the templates. Maybe I'll make a full write-up after I've spent a little more quality time, but for now my advice is to wait and see. If you absolutely can't wait to try it, give 2 a go first if you haven't already. Some of what I may have to complain about could well be fixed in the coming months and it wouldn't be fair of me to condemn those shortcomings (however faintly) without giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm certain their development cycle has been far from ideal given the circumstances, so it would feel like kicking them while they're down to tell them their work needs some fine-tuning.